Ok guys, so you have probably arrived at this page because you have the same problem as me. Long sex or lack of it as the case may be.  So your girlfriend has decided she is feeling a bit amorous and you both decide to spend some time in the bedroom.

Things are going well. You start with foreplay until you both get hot and sweaty and you come to the point where it is time to do the deed.

She asks you to give to her in her favorite position. You oblige her and then it is from here that it all starts to go wrong!  You grit your teeth, clench your buttocks but no matter how hard you try you just can’t hang on. Just as she is getting in to it, oops, and you’ve spent your load.

Now most girls are understanding and ok with the problem but it still makes you feel a bit embarrassed and inadequate.  It is very frustrating indeed.  Some men just live with it but some men find it very hard to deal with.

So what can be done about?  How can we have long sex?

The first place that most men go is the good old internet.  We type things into google like- premature ejaculation, long sex, how to last longer in bed etc etc.

You spend hours reading articles about relaxation techniques, hypnotism, masturbation techniques, all of which are supposed to help you.

Let me tell you that i have tried all of these.  I don’t really have time to sit and do yoga or meditate. I wanted something that would just work and work well.

Eventually I found out about a product called delay spray.  I have heard about delay sprays before but had dismissed them as a bit of a gimmick.  As i wasn’t really getting anywhere with the other “treatments”, I thought what the heck and decided to give one a try.

There are many delay sprays out there so I chose one that had good customer reviews.  I anxiously waited for it arrive in the post.

It came in only a couple of days.  I opened the packaging and read the instructions.

“Spray 2 or 3 applications on your manhoood 5 minutes before sex”

The time soon came to give it a go.


I managed to last about 4 times longer than normal.

Suddenly I felt more confident and my self esteem shot through the roof.

So if you have got the same problem as me, or should i say the problem I used to have, then save yourself some time.  Get online and order yourself some delay spray. It really works!

To save you some time looking go to delaysprays.co.uk

If you want to read a more in depth article about delay sprays then go to delaysprayformen.co.uk


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